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Advantages of using a Real Estate Agent to find you a Property in Bangkok.

Around the world we are knows by so many different names, so to relate to Bangkok we are known as Bangkok Real Estate Agents, Bangkok Property Agents, Bangkok Real Estate Brokers, or just plain Bangkok Estate Agents, but we all do the same job the world over. We find you suitable properties and help you arrange a deal to Buy or Rent a property. Or if you are an existing owner we help you Sell or Lease out your property.

But why use a Real Estate Agent in Bangkok, how can they help you?

The reasons for using a Property Agent in Bangkok are numerous, but let’s just look at the main reasons here.

  1. Saving you time: Walking around Bangkok looking for Property can be a hot and exhausting experience. Going to one condo or apartment to the next can often be an exercise in frustration and can make even the most patient person angry! Each and every condo or apartment in Bangkok will have its own rules, regulations and style of dealing with walk in clients, and not all are super friendly. We have had clients in the past come to us and tell us how they had been home hunting in Bangkok themselves and had just been hitting brick-walls at every step, that is why they have turned to us. I always tell clients it really goes down to how much you value your own time and to certain extent sanity. Many of our clients will be looking for a property in the region of 20 000 – 50 000 Baht/month to rent, and so will be on comfortable incomes at their place of work. Therefore it is far better for them to spent their time doing what they do best and earning themselves more money, then be traipsing all over Bangkok getting angry and frustrated and achieving nothing or very little.

  2. Expert Advice: If you go to a reputable Bangkok Real Estate Agency, one that has been established for a few years and has professional and hardworking staff, then you will be helped with expert advice. Whether you new to Bangkok or Thailand or whether you are a well established expat in Thailand, the chances are that if you don’t work in the Thailand Real Estate Market then you will not be aware of every law or movement or market variable in Thailand’s property market. It is important that if you are making a transaction, whether it be for a contract to rent in Thailand or to buy property in Thailand, then you are aware of all the latest details involved in and transaction. Thailand is a country that often changes its rules and regulation to suit the latest government stances and these can change often and overnight. If you are not aware of them they will catch you out, and with large sums of money at stake with any Bangkok property agreement you don’t want to be left with egg on your face. Landlords will not always reveal all the details of the deal to you as it may not be in their interests or they may have difficulty communicating with you, so having a reliable bilingual or English speaking Bangkok Property broker there to help you can make sure that the deal is 100% understood by both parties.

  3. Peace of mind: Again whether you are new to Bangkok or an seasoned expat in Thailand the chances are that when you eventually agree to Buy or Rent a property in Bangkok, you will be meeting the existing landlords or landlady for the very first time and what is why you will want an well established trustworthy Bangkok Real Estate Broker there to help you negotiate the deal. Also then this offers you another fall-back. If you have chosen a respectable, reputable and established legally registered Bangkok Real Estate Agency, then you will have some sort of legal security. At the very least they will have a registered office where you can go to complain about the serviced you have received if you do not feel you have been treated fairly. However one quick word of caution is that you should never use a free-lance Real Estate Agent in Bangkok, as this will give you no protection at all. Please read more about this in the below previous Bangkok Property Blog:

  4. Can save you money! Ok I know this reason will be the one that you will think is the most unbelievable. I mean why would a Real Estate Broker in Bangkok want to save me money? I mean they are there to make money out of me aren’t they?

Well this is a sort of Yes and No answer. Yes by serving you correctly that is how we make money. You are our client and when you use our services fully and complete a transaction with us of course we make money, which is the same in any Service Industry anywhere in the world not just in Real Estate in Bangkok. However the answer is also No, because even if you are looking to rent an apartment in Bangkok or buy a condo, or perhaps rent a Bangkok Townhouse, we want to help you succeed and be happy. We want you and the Landlord or Seller to be happy, and as long as both are truly interested in doing a deal we will help you find common ground where both parties feel they are happy! A reputable Bangkok Real Estate Agency, will not be looking to rip-of their client, over charge Clients or make bad deals fro Landlords or Sellers either, after all with so many competitors in the Bangkok Property Market, we live and die by our reputations, so aim to please all out clients no matter how what level of deal is being operated on. Repeat business and word-of-mouth is certainly something we ar EasyHomes Properry Services Co., Ltd. value and pride ourselves on receiving.

Therefore we will try to get you the best deal possible so that you can recommend us to friends, colleagues and acquaintances. We often know the landlords that we introduce you to very well and we know how the Bangkok Property Market works, so we can use this knowledge to cut a deal that is good for both parties.

So how to Bangkok Real Estate Agents get paid?

Well unlike Real Estate Markets in other part of the world, in Bangkok we get paid by the Landlord or Seller, the client does not have to pay one extra Baht. Whether is be a Bangkok Rental or a Thai property purchase we will be paid in the exact same way, and the landlords will know that, so no surprises will await you as the client later.

You would think then it is in our best interest to boost prices and add on margins. Well although I have heard rumours of some disreputable Bangkok Property Agents doing that, I have know that at EasyHomes we will never practice such a procedure…why would we? It is so easy for you as a client to find us out if we did. For example if a 1br at Bangkok Condo A was priced at 20 000 Baht/month to rent and we told you it was 23 000 Baht/ month, then all you would have to do is call another Bangkok Estate Agency and enquire to the price they offer. When you found out that most of the 1br units in that building rent for 20 000 Baht/month then not only would you be angry with us, but also probably tell others about your experiences.

Instead at EasyHomes we would not only tell you the truth that the Bangkok condo you enquired to rent was 20 000 Baht/month, but also we would try and get you the best deal possible and may be able to negotiated a 5-10% discount for you?

So as you cans see whether you are Buying a Property In Thailand or just renting a condo in Bangkok, a Bangkok Real Estate Agency can not only save you, time and effort, but money too and give you the peace of mind to allow you to live in your new Thai property in comfort.

About Amorn S

Amorn Suramongkol is passionate about Thai real estate and writes useful and informative articles for aimed at helping Bangkok's expats find homes and settle in to the capital.

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  1. abdulsalam
    January 26th, 2011 at 12:32 | #1

    I am looking for a 2 bedroom furnished for long term rental, about 10 years, rental looking around TBH20000 p/m, prefered location in ekamai, sukhumvit.

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