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Stop Buying Condos in Bangkok!

Bangkok CondominiumEasyHomes has been operating in Bangkok for almost nine years at the time or writing, and we’ve lost count on how many articles and local forum debates we’ve come across where expatriates are warning anyone who will listen to them to stop buying condos in The Thai capital, but why would they say this?

Quite often, those giving the warnings are not property investors and don’t personally own real estate anywhere in the Kingdom, and the few that do, most likely went about things the wrong way and lost out due to something or someone else.

So do those warning others really have something useful to pass on, or are they just folks who feel they need a platform to air a grievance!.

The Whys and Wherefores

In this blog post, we take a look at some of the reasons why Bangkok real estate is still a sound investment – for some – and why it might not be such a good ideas for others to put their hard earned cash into the country’s Bricks & Mortar.

Supply and Demand!

There have been a couple of main concerns in recent years regarding the supply and demand of Bangkok’s residential real estate. However, these reports are sometimes conflicting:

  • February 2008, Bangkok Real Estate Market Analysts where saying that the supply was becoming too great.
  • July 2009, the Thailand Business News released an article stating that the demand cited in 2008 was too low.

You would think that such conflicting reports would stall developers and warn off investors, yet despite it all, Bangkok’s property market continues to attract new, foreign buyers year in and year out, especially those looking into longer term investments.

Let’s now take a closer look behind the city’s real estate, and then you can decide for yourself whether foreign investors should stop buying Bangkok condos or not!

To be continued shortly…

Editor’s Note: Over time, Bangkok’s residential property scene changes and therefore needs to be revised as certain aspects become outdated and irrelevant.

This post: “Stop Buying Condos in Bangkok” was originally published on Feb 3, 2010, and is one of our articles that are currently in the process of being revamped and updated so as to provide accuracy and comprehensiveness for our readers. Please check back soon.

Thank you for your consideration.


About Amorn S

Amorn Suramongkol is passionate about Thai real estate and writes useful and informative articles for aimed at helping Bangkok's expats find homes and settle in to the capital.

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