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Property Close to New BTS Stations

BTS-Skytrain LogoOn the 15th of May 2009, the BTS Sky Train in Bangkok made a momentous advancement. For the first time in almost a decade, and in fact for the first time since the first trains started to role in December 1999, the BTS opened two new stations, namely:

  1. Krung Thonburi
  2. Wong Wian Yai

These two new stations helped benefit Bangkok is several ways in one massive stroke.

The four benefits include, but are certainly not exclusive to:

  1. Easing congestion
  2. Linking Thonburi to Central Bangkok
  3. Giving 50,000 more Bangkokians access to the BTS network
  4. Linking West Bangkok (Riverside) to the rest of the city

Easing Congestion

Easing the bottleneck at the Saphan Taksin Bridge has been a godsend. Up until now, travelling over the bridge, or fighting for standing space on Bangkok’s dangerous river taxis, was the only way to connect Thonburi to the Sathorn district of Bangkok. The bridge saw over 80,000 vehicles a day, many of which were occupied by a single person.

Linking Thonburi to Central Bangkok

Connecting the tranquil, and now up-and-coming area of Thonburi to the main transport system of Bangkok City Centre, has proved to be a huge economical advantage to this part of town, and therefore helping Greater Bangkok to expand still further.

Giving 50,000 Bangkokians access to the BTS Network

Giving an estimated 50,000 Thonburi residents the opportunity get to work smoothly and on time (many who work in the CBD area of Sathorn and Silom) has obviously been a huge benefit to both employees and employers.

Linking the Capital’s West (Riverside) to Downtown Bangkok

Connecting the Metro system from the riverside residential area of Bangkok to the rest of the city allows those residents to now travel safely, affordably, and comfortably to all areas of Greater Bangkok.

Metro Park Sathorn – The Gem of Sathorn

Metro Park Sathorn

Unlike many of the other new residential condominiums that have sprung up around the two new BTS stations, Metro Park Sathorn (MPS) has kept its prices low and highly competitive, while at the same time affording residents a quality lifestyle from this well-maintained and very attractive development.

With a private shuttle bus operating from 6 AM to Midnight (same times at the Sky Train), and running regular services every 30 minutes to and from the nearby Wong Wian Yai BTS Station, Metro Park is as convenient, if not more so, than many of the condos and apartments located along the Sukhumvit and Silom line, many of which also have shuttle services to and from their respective nearby BTS stations.

And unlike many of the Sukhumvit and Silom residences located deep inside the side roads, Metro Park residents don’t have the hassles of rush-hour traffic; something that can be particularly bad in Bangkok’s Sois and sub-Sois.

When the shuttle bus leaves the car park at Metro Park it has to travel less than 4 KM to reach the Wang Wian Yai BTS station. And unlike the City Centre, 4 KM from this location does not take 30 plus minutes to travel. So not only do the residents of Metro Park Sathorn arrive at their BTS stop quickly and in in Air-conditioned comfort, but they are then able to continue to wherever it is they’re heading stress-free, and quickly.

Accommodation Options at Metro Park

There are three accommodation options at Metro Park, those being:

  1. Studios (approx. 30 SQM)
  2. One Bedroom (approx. 42 SQM)
  3. Two Bedroom (approx. 58 SQM)


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