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Some of the best value Bangkok Townhouses and Detached Houses to rent near the BTS or MRT.

If you have just moved to Bangkok or if you’ve lived in an apartment or condo in Bangkok, you may think about renting a Bangkok townhouse or detached house with its own garden area. However in the past it has been difficult to find a good townhouse in Bangkok to rent and even more difficult to find a detached house to rent in Bangkok, but recently Thai property developers have been building some great new housing estates or Moo Baans as they are called in Thailand.

Renting a townhouse or leasing a detached house in Bangkok always faced the following compromises:

  • Price – often a detached house or townhouse would cost far more than the equivalent condo or apartment in Bangkok
  • Location – most expats want to live as close to the BTS or MRT as possible and many townhouses or detached houses were located too far from a BTS or MRT station to be practical
  • Quality – to find a townhouse or detached house in Bangkok to rent that was in most expats budgets, often quality had to be compromised leading mot expats to prefer a condo or apartment over renting a Bangkok townhouse or detached house.
  • Age – a lot of townhouse and detached houses in Bangkok had been built in the 1970’s and 1980’s and they looked it. With old style design and out of fashion fittings. Often bathrooms and kitchen looked very tired and unattractive.

However with the advent of the new BTS stations due to open in August 2011, more attractive residential land had opened up to Thai property developers and the sharpest ones have been keen to pick up on this trend.

Supalai Ville Bearing

Here we can review some of the best townhouses and detached houses to rent near the MRT and BTS in Bangkok’s city center. The first one is located on the new BTS extension near the BTS Bearing station. Supalai Ville Bearing is a townhouse development located within a few minutes of the new Soi Bearing BTS station. With 3 bedroom townhouses to rent for as little as THB 17 000/ month these Bangkok townhouses represent great value for money and are ideal for those working in the Srinakarin and Bang Na areas of town.

And of course with the opening of the BTS station as Soi Bearing, there has never been a better time to rent a townhouse in the Bang Na area. The Moo Baan also has a swimming pool and secure parking so there are very few sacrifices being made in regards to facilities.

Hop on the BTS at soi Bearing and you could be in central Sukhumvit in approximately 20 mins and even in Siam Square BTS within approximately 30 mins, all in the air-conditioned comfort and without the hassle of Bangkok traffic.

The Centro Srinakarin

Staying in the same area, The Centro Srinakarin development offers another great way to rent a townhouse or detached house in the Bang Na and Srinakarin areas of Bangkok. A more luxurious development Centro townhouses will rent for approximately THB 25 000/month for a 3 bedroom unit.

Once again the development containing The Centro townhouses also has a swimming pool, security and garden areas. Ideal for small families looking for a safe modern environment for their children, The Centro Srinakarin again offers a great option for those who work in Bang Na, Srinakarin or even Sukhumvit. Once on the train at Bearing BTS station anyone renting a townhouse at this Bangkok suburb could be in the centre of town within 30mins or so.

Moving on to detached housing, but staying in the Bang Na area of Bangkok, Cosy House Bang Na, offers an excellent place to rent a detached house in a leafy suburb or Bangkok.

Cosy House Bang Na

A 3 bedroom modern styled detached house in Cosy House Bang Na will cost approximately THB 25 000/month to rent and the Cosy House development offers not only a swimming pool, security and a garden area, but is also surrounded beautifully by a lake, and attractive landscaping. Once you rent a detached house in this Bangkok suburb, you can feel you are in a different world, and yet only be 30mins from the city center via the new BTS extension.

Town Plus Lad Prao

Moving away from the BTS, but still remaining on the Bangkok metro system we find a beautiful new townhouse development in Lat Prao, ideal for those who want to rent a townhouse in the northern part of Bangkok. Town Plus Lat Prao features 3 bedroom townhouses to rent near the Lad Phrao MRT station for as little as THB 20 000/ month.

A brand new development with covered parking, modern stylish design and 24 hour security, this is an ideal way to rent a Bangkok townhouse near the Bangkok city center. For those working in Lat Prao, Phahonyothin or eve n Ratchada, this offers a viable and inexpensive way to enjoy the comfort of a 3 bedroom family property.

So thanks to a new drive by Thai property developers there has now become an increased and improved selection of modern and attractive townhouses and detached houses to rent in Bangkok. And for those who want to rent a detached house near the BTS or a lease and townhouse near the MRT choices are both attractive and reasonably priced.

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