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Sukhumvit Condos Popular with Teachers

EasyHomes Bullet Bangkok Accommodation Options for Expat Teachers – Part 2

Teacher searching for accommodation online The Home Hunting Dilemma of a Bangkok Expat!

Each year more and more teachers are coming to Thailand looking for apartments and condos to rent in Bangkok. Many are seeking accommodation for the very first time.  Without a bit of guidance, the Thai capital can be a daunting place, and for the newcomer, the experience is often frustrating and overwhelming.

In the first of our “teacher accommodation” series, we highlight some  properties along the famed Sukhumvit Road which are already popular with Bangkok’s teaching community .

The purpose of this blog post is to draw your attention to such places as a way to help you compile your shortlist of potential properties and areas. This way, you will be able to make a better informed decision prior to committing to any mid or long-term contracts.

Quick Tips for Finding Accommodation in Your Chosen Area

Once you have a short list of potential Bangkok accommodation options, or at least the area(s) you have decided upon, then you will then need to find these places and perhaps even negotiate a contract. There are a number of ways that can find out more about the options on your shortlist:

1. Lettings agencies
2. The Internet
3. Local newspapers
4. Notice-boards and shop windows
5. Word of mouth

Teacher’s Favourite Picks for Sukhumvit

It’s not possible for us to cover the requirements of all teachers in a single article, but by looking at some of the better condos and apartments along the Sukhumvit (the most popular expat location in Bangkok), will surely give you a good idea of what is available on the market.

There are literally dozens of accommodation choices in this centralised area that are suitable for expats. Furthermore, many of them include swimming pools, gyms, restaurants, car parking, and 24hr security as standard features.

 The Life@Sukhumvit 65 Condominium

The first condo we will look at is the Life@65 condo or Life@Sukhumvit 65. This residence first opened its doors just over four years ago and has been a favourite with teachers ever since. Being a well-constructed, well-designed, and well-located condominium, the Life@Sukhumvit 65 condominium has ticked a lot of the boxes for a lot of teachers.

The Life@Sukhumvit 65 Condominium

Life@Sukhumvit 65 is only 250m from the nearest BTS station at Ekamai. It is also well located for shops, restaurants, cinemas, and most importantly, it’s nearby, or has easy access to, a variety of schools where you may be working.

Life@Sukhumvit 65 comes complete with a nice roof-top swimming pool, a large fitness studio, and a great sun-deck, ideal for those of you looking to make the most of Thailand’s tropical climate. The condos come in three sizes: small one bedroom/ Studios (with a partition), plus full one bedroom and two bed units. All units are well designed and use the interior space to good effect, thus giving a modern and clean feel to them. Needless to say, Life@Sukhumvit 65 is understandably popular with expat teachers living and working in the city.

Accommodation Choices in Eastern Bangkok

Moving down the BTS track towards Bang Na are many international schools in the vicinity.  Rush hour in Bangkok can be quite an experience, so it obviously makes good sense to be located near to your place of work. This area also has a plethora of trendy bars and fine restaurants. Close to the Udomsuk BTS station are two of the best condos (at the time of writing are): The Sense Condominium, and S & S Condominium. First let’s look at is the Sense.

The Sense Condominium Udomsuk

The Sense Condominium Udomsuk

The Sense condominium is a stylish low-rise construction that offers modern amenities and tranquillity (a rare gift in Bangkok). This well maintained building is just four years old. It comes equipped with swimming pool, gym, car parking, and 24 hour security. Being just a 5-10 minute walk of Udomsuk BTS station, makes this location desirable for teachers working in the area.

 S & S Condominium Udomsuk

S & S Condo Udomsuk

This building is very well-constructed and well-designed and those who reside at the S & S get to enjoy a nice standard of living at really good value for money. Little wonder this modern complex has become one which is in high demand among those living and working in the Thai capital.  Room options include: studios, small one bed, larger one bed, and two bedroom units.

With easy access to both Udomsuk BTS and an open air shopping mall with Starbucks, supermarkets, and even a bowling alley, the location is difficult to beat. Couple this with a probable 10-15 minute commute to school, then it’s easy to see what makes the S & S condominium complex such a big hit with teachers.


If you would like to have your say on “Sukhumvit Condos Popular with Teachers” please leave your comments below. Alternatively, you can contact us direct.

About Amorn S

Amorn Suramongkol is passionate about Thai real estate and writes useful and informative articles for aimed at helping Bangkok's expats find homes and settle in to the capital.

5 Responses to “Sukhumvit Condos Popular with Teachers”

  1. Yankee
    January 6th, 2014 at 15:56 | #1

    Tks for this series on Bkk condos, not sure how I didn’t no about some of these. I like the look of Life@Sukhumvit 65. Can you arrange for someone to show me some studio and 1 bed sometime this week please? Tks Bill Eddie JR

  2. January 6th, 2014 at 16:16 | #2

    Thank you for your comments Bill. The office will send you an email shortly at the email you used here. Please let us know if you don’t receive the email by calling us on 087 704 8950.

    The EasyHomes Team

  3. yankee
    January 6th, 2014 at 17:00 | #3

    Hey Tks for the quick reply. Someone has contacted me already. Have a nice day

  4. Ian
    January 26th, 2014 at 15:59 | #4

    I stayed at S & S Condo last year for 6 months. Really enjoyed it there. Good atmosphere, everywhere easy reach etc. Will most probably be my home of choice when I return in November ~ Ian

  5. Bangkokcondosales
    January 28th, 2014 at 09:33 | #5

    Thanks for inform about the choices of condominuims in Bangkok. I am interested in your series. I really love The Life@Sukhumvit 65 Condominium because It situated on a charming location.

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