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To Share or Not to Share Your Bkk Home

We’ve all heard those wise old sayings such as: “two heads are better than one,” “a problem shared is a problem halved,” and “no man is an island,” to name just three. All of these suggest that we as humans are not as good alone and we are when we connect with others close to us.

Two Heads Not Always Better Than One!

Young couple arguing

More recently, research has discovered that the growing societal problem of loneliness is as damaging to health as smoking eight cigarettes a day. That’s not so say that all people living alone are lonely. In fact, there’s a big difference between being alone and being lonely, but the chances of being lonely are greater for those who live in isolation of their fellows.

A Contradiction in Terms

However, there are other expressions which contradict the ones above:

  1. A man’s home is his castle
  2. Don’t invade my territory
  3. Let sleeping dogs lie

What’s clear from this is that the personality and make-up of individuals can be quite different from one another. So although living alone for long periods might not suit most, others wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Joy of Sharing

Most people in life will eventually find a loyal and loveable partner of the opposite or same sex and form lasting relationships. Even if they don’t last a lifetime, these relationships usually last long enough to see the couple move in together and perhaps get married for a number of years.

The Perils of Sharing

Not all people who reside together will get on, and not all of those living under the same roof will be able to compromise in any way shape or form, thus making situations such as these as arrangements from hell! All too often, expats living in Bangkok on a tight budget look for ways to cut down on accommodation costs, and finding a housemate can seem like a good idea at the time.

It’s probably fair to say that moving in with a relative stranger (something that happens a lot among Thailand’s expatriates) can be a very risky move indeed, and when things don’t work out, the couple may go through weeks, or months even, of immense turmoil before one or the other finally packs up and goes on their merry way.

That said, not every arrangement ends in total disaster. When carefully thought out, house sharing, flat sharing, your Bangkok home with a like-minded other can actually work well in two areas, those being company, and a substantial saving on the monthly rent costs.

In the next part of this piece, we will look at the pros and cons of sharing homes in Bangkok, and the types of properties that are best suited to couples or more thinking about moving in together.

Editor’s Note: Over time, Bangkok’s residential property scene changes and therefore needs to be revised as certain aspects become outdated and irrelevant.

This post: “To Share or Not to Share Your Bkk Home” was originally published on Dec 21, 2009, and is one of our articles that are currently in the process of being revamped and updated so as to provide accuracy and comprehensiveness for our readers.

Please check back soon.

Thank you for your consideration.


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