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What makes a great value Bangkok Condo or Bangkok Apartment?

Well what makes the bet value Bangkok Condo or Bangkok Apartment is of course somewhat subjective and quite often the answer is not the cheapest one. As with many goods and products what we get is often what we pay for. So if we want high-quality and luxury we often have to pay for it. However often when we try to get the cheapest and lowest priced product or service, we are often disappointed with he end result.

As any good shopper will tell you, it takes time and knowledge to bargain hunt, and it is not always cheapest product in the shop that is the value. And so it is with Property in Bangkok. Searching for the best value Bangkok Condo or Bangkok apartment can be tedious and time consuming stuff! So you may need a little help.

Lets face it, we are all very busy people, and we don’t have time to research every Bangkok Property, nor do we hare time to suddenly become Bangkok Real Estate experts. And it does not matter if you are working in Bangkok on an international expat contract, an semi-retired Thai expat or and English teacher working in Bangkok, we don’t have the time and energy to look for Bangkok condos and Bangkok apartments.

We see busy and extremely wealthy people in Hollywood and Bollywood employing Personal Shoppers to save their time in busy lives. However we can’t all be like Jennifer Lopez or Beyonce and employ a person to go shopping for us for are clothes, furniture and whatever else. But fortunately there is help at hand; there are plenty of Bangkok property agents there to help you.

A Bangkok Real Estate Agency can save you both time, money and perhaps even yur health! Walking around the Sukhumvit or Silom sub sois looking for a Bangkok Condo or Bangkok apartment, can be very hot work! So save yourself the bother, let someone do the work for you.

The best things about Bangkok property agents are that they are free! That’s right, they are free! Unlike in Tokyo, New York and other cities there is no charge to the clients in the Bangkok Property Market when helping you look for a Bangkok Condo or Bangkok Apartment.

So let’s look at 2 important points that would make a Bangkok Condo or Bangkok Apartment a bargain and great value:

Location to BTS and MRTA

As the old Real Estate mantra goes, location, location, location is the best way to choose a property. In Bangkok however the added detail is the locality of the property in reference to the BTS and MRTA in Bangkok. Fortunately as EasyHomes we have many of our properties are located within 500m of a BTS or MRTA Station.

Three properties that we would pick out as great value are below, one each for the entry, middle and high levels of the Bangkok property market.

  1. My Condo 81 this Bangkok Condo is located 250m from the On Nut BYS station and at THB 10 000/month for a Studio, this brand new condo is great value.
  2. Roof Garden also based in On Nut and located approximately 750m from the On Nut BTS station. The 1 Bedroom condos at this building are massive at 70-80sqm and the recent refurbishment makes them clean and new.
  3. Nusasiri Condo high-end, high priced, but what a location! With an actual Sky Bridge linked to Ekkamai BTS station.

Facilities and Amenities

  1. The Ivy Ratchada for those who want to live in Ratchada, this condo is located only 300m from the MRTA in Sutthisan. All around a beautiful pool with stepping stones and a large fitness centre.
  2. The Address 42, Ekkamai located close to the Ekamai BTS station. Great facilities include Swimming Pool, Car Parking, Gymnasium, Sauna Rooms, Free WiFi in the lobby and a laundry service. As well of course the 24 Security and impeccably kept gardens.
  3. The Empire Place beautifully built superbly designed and facilities that go on and on. This is a fantastic brand new building with a Swimming Pool, Tennis Court, Steam Rooms, Sauna Rooms, Gymnasiums, Free WiFi in the lobby, Cafes, Childrens Playground and a Restaurant.

About Amorn S

Amorn Suramongkol is passionate about Thai real estate and writes useful and informative articles for aimed at helping Bangkok's expats find homes and settle in to the capital.

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